The Values of VKP

Vintage Knitting Party is a little bit different. We embrace the traditional values of craftsmanship, thoughtful making, and putting a little bit of love into every stitch. However, we also love modern values of individuality and inclusivity, which is why every person is invited to the party!

  • Inclusivity

    Every pattern goes home with a free resource on resizing, patterns are made without watermarks to aid low vision users, and we specifically avoid gendered language where possible.

  • Accessibility

    Where copyright laws allow, every pattern is created as an affordable digital download. We also promote the use of secondhand yarn and supplies, and believe that knitting should be available for everyone.

  • Individuality

    Although we love the 'full vintage' look, we get the most excited when you take your vintage items, mix them with other thoughtfully curated bits and embrace your individuality.

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