Dreamy Mohair Cardigan Progress - 1980s Patons Pattern

Dreamy Mohair Cardigan Progress - 1980s Patons Pattern

This winter I started working on my dream mohair cardigan, based on a pattern from a Paton's 1980s knitting leaflet. The inspiration was something that I could just throw on when I needed to be a little more cosy, and I looked to 1980s patterns because I'm a huge fan of knitting lace. I also felt as though something oversized would fill a gap in my wardrobe, especially to wear at work that I could take off as the day warmed up. 

Fluffy cardigan made from 1980s pattern


Yarn: Panda Supremo. I found 20 x 25g balls at my local op shop and was over the moon about it. This yarn is made in Italy, and is 58% acrylic and 28% mohair. 

Pattern: Called 'Lady's Cardigan' written originally for a knitting leaflet for the Patons yarn 'Brushed Caressa'. I'm pretty sure I picked up the pattern and the yarn on the same day!

Notions: 7 x medium buttons. I found some pictured below from my local op shop for only 50 cents, which I was very happy about. 

Sizing: I knitted size F, to fit a 100cm bust. I knew it would be a little oversized but I liked the idea of having heaps of negative ease. 

The pattern is an absolute dream to knit. The bulk of the pattern is on 6mm needles, so is absolutely flying by. It's been about a month now since I started itand I'm on the second sleeve, and only have the button band to knit after this. 

One thing I may do differently is increasing the pattern across the whole cardigan. As the sizing changes, the pattern repeats do not increase. Instead, there are just more border stitches along the side body. This look is fine, but I think if I had realised I would have just tried to include another pattern repeat or two because there is certainly room. 

I can't wait to finish this piece and take some proper photos!

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